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ѕеречень фильмов

The Execution of Mary Queen of Scots Ч 1895

The haunted castle Ч 1896

The dancing skeleton Ч 1897

The astronomerТs dream Ч 1898

The devil in a convert Ч 1899

Sherlock Holmes Baffled Ч 1900

The haunted curiosity shop Ч 1902

A trip to the moon Ч 1902

Faust ans mephistopheles

The mistletoe bough

The black imp Ч 1905

The Talion punishment

The red spectre Ч 1907

The haunted house Ч 1908

The sealed room Ч 1909

Frankenstein Ч 1910

DanteТs inferno Ч 1911

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Ч 1912

The student of Prague Ч 1913

The avenging conscience Ч 1914

The portrait Ч 1915

Homunculus Ч 1916

SatanТs rhapsody Ч 1917

The eyes of the mummy Ч 1918

I accuse Ч 1919

The cabinet of Dr. Caligari Ч 1920

The phantom carriage Ч 1921

Nosferatu, a symphony of horror Ч 1922

The hunchback of Notre Dame Ч 1923

The hands of Orlac Ч 1924

The phantom of the opera Ч 1925

Faust Ч 1926

The cat and canary Ч 1927

The fall of the house of usher Ч 1928

The skeleton dance Ч 1929

The bat whispers Ч 1930

Dracula Ч 1931

Freaks Ч 1932

King Kong Ч 1933

The black cat Ч 1934

Bride of Frankenstein Ч 1935

The devilЦdoll Ч 1936

Sond at midnight Ч 1937

I accuse Ч 1938

The hound of the Baskervilles Ч 1939

The ghost breakers Ч 1940

The wolf man Ч 1941

Cat people Ч 1942

I walked with a zombie Ч 1943

The uninvited Ч 1944

Dead of night Ч 1945

The beast with five fingers Ч 1946

The secret beyond the door Ч 1947

Abbott ans Costelo meet Frankenstein Ч 1948

The Queen of spades Ч 1949

The man without a face

The thing from another world

The white reindeer

House of wax Ч 1953

Godzilla Ч 1954

Diabolique Ч 1955

Invasion of the body snatchers Ч 1956

Night of the demon Ч 1957

Horror of Dracula Ч 1958

House on haunted hill Ч 1959

Psycho Ч 1960

The innocents Ч 1961

Carnival of souls Ч 1962

The birds Ч 1963

The masque of red death Ч 1964

Repulsion Ч 1965

Kill, babyЕ KILL! Ч 1966

This night iТll possess your corpse

Night of the living dead Ч 1968

The cremator Ч 1969

Valerie and her week of wonders Ч 1970

A bay of blood Ч 1971

DontТt torture duckling Ч 1972

The exorcist Ч 1973

The Texas chain saw massacre Ч 1974

Jaws Ч 1975

Carrie Ч 1976

Suspiria Ч 1977

Halloween Ч 1978

Alien Ч 1979

The shining Ч 1980

The evil dead Ч 1981

The thing Ч 1982

Videodrome Ч 1983

A Nightmare on Elm Street Ч 1984

ReЦanimator Ч 1985

The fly Ч 1986

Hellraiser Ч 1987

They live Ч 1988

Tetsuo the iron man Ч 1989

Misery Ч 1990

The silence of the lambs Ч 1991

Dracula Ч 1992

Cronos Ч 1993

Cemetry man Ч 1994

Se7en Ч 1995

Scream Ч 1996

Cube Ч 1997

The ring Ч 1998

The blair witch project Ч 1999

Shadow of the vampire Ч 2000

The others Ч 2001

28 days later Ч 2002

A tale of two sisters Ч 2003

Saw Ч 2004

The descent Ч 2005

The host Ч 2006

Paranormal activity Ч 2007

Let the right one in Ч 2008

The house of the devil Ч 2009

I saw the devil Ч 2010

The skin live in Ч 2011

The cabin in the woods Ч 2012

The conjuring Ч 2013

The Babadook Ч 2014

It follows Ч 2015

The witch Ч 2016

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